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It's Haiti‏

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It’s the Intoxicating Feeling, I get as I’m getting off the plane
It’s meeting, talking, laughing with Vibrant People
It’s the Beautiful Paintings and Murals I see everywhere I turn
It’s being Sun kissed and enjoying a gorgeous Sunset
It’s looking down from the hills and seeing a Breathtaking Landscape
It’s the drive along the Scenic Mountains
It’s White Sand Beaches and Crystal Clear Water
It’s the natural beauty of the Waterfalls
It’s seeing Haitian Art get encapsulated in paintings, stone carving, and iron
It’s the Delicious Cuisine, I can’t get enough of – Pate Kode, Fritay, Diri Kole, Bouyon, Mayi Moulin
It’s enjoying Live Music from your favorite band – CaRiMi, T-Vice, Kreyol-La, Raram
It’s negotiating with Animated High Spirited Vendors – “Konbyen Sa”
It’s the Catchy Phrases we say to each other  – “Gen Yon Jan Pou'w Ye”; "Nou Poste en Blode"
It’s Peace and Tranquility
It’s Haiti!

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